Hi :) this is my page :) like it says in the titel, i'll post things here about me or things that you(!) wanna know :) 


In my guetsbook  you can leave comments for me, or you can chat with other people, but when you leave a comment about me, don't write always bad comments, that's not nice and when you leave one bad comment i notice this! Thanks!

I'll also post pictures or maybe videos, or you can say me, what you want to see on my page, but i don't do everything that you write me!;)  So, i maybe have to say that i am german and that's the reason why my english is not the best, but maybe you can tell me if my english is good :) that would be very nice! :)


Here are fakts about me :) 


   Name:    Alex Schnabel  

   Age:       13

   Nationality:  German 

   Hobbies:    music, singing, a little bit dancing (i'll add some facts later)

   What i like:   my family, my friends, music, books, happiness

   What i dislike:   war, sadness, anything bad

   Favourite animal:    dogs

   Do i like school:      no way! but some subjects are ok :D

   Favourite subject:   english!! french, italian

   Subjekt i don't like:   too, many!! 

   Favourite color:   blue !!

   Languages: german ( i am german), french, english, italian and i wanna learn spanish


    So that's everything i wanna say at the moment, you can ask things and i will add them !:)




Here i'm gonna share links with you :)








Here i'm gonna write my opinion to things that you write in my gustbook, but you have to write if you wanna hear my opinion :)

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